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Rental Agreement (Monthly Recurring / Rent-to-Own)

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Rough Estimate of Rental Fee’s

Rental rates are based on the cash price of the instrument. Rental pricing will vary depending on the instrument and rental option selected. Nothing will be charged until specific instrument is selected, and rates are discussed.

Cornets: $32-$37/month

French Horns: $89-$109/month

Bass: $42-$55/month

Percussion Kit: $9-$16/month

Tenor Sax: $20-$89/month

Alto Sax: $20-$68/month

Trombone: $16-$34/month

Trumpet: $14-$34/month

Clarinet: $14-$28/month

Flute: $14-$25/month

Violin: $14-$23/month

Viola: $16-$25/month

Cello $20-$60/month

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