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Park City Music has proudly been family owned and operated since 1997. We started with a mission to bring music to a community that was at that time void of a fun place where artists could gather, practice their music, and have their musical needs met without running to Salt Lake.

This is "the little music store that could", because despite being very small, we deal in almost every instrument. We have a large selection of guitars, ukes, band & orchestra instruments, cases, stands, and various accessories. We have customized our rental program to support our own attached music school. This allows students the freedom to try many instruments throughout their music journey, and also gives clients more choices in their rental needs that the big boys can't match.

We are proud supporters of any and all musicians and music programs. Music education is mission, and we feel music brings us together, spreads joy, and also makes us smarter. We welcome kind, honest, and open communication as we do our very best to support your musical needs.

"Your attention is the most valuable asset you have. Your mind is guided by your thoughts and your thoughts lead you to either success or failure.  It is our mission in life to live happily, worthily, and productively with understanding of a variety of viewpoints, so that we are compassionate, caring and attentive to everyone we encounter."

Dr. Fredric Cook

We’d love to hear from you!

4593 Silver Springs Dr. | Park City, Utah | 84098

Phone: 435-649-2295 (texts accepted)| parkcitymusicguitars@gmail.com



Monday-Friday 12:00pm-5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday by appointment

*hours may extent depending on season


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Address: 4593 Silver Springs Dr.

                 Park City, Utah 84098

Phone: 435-649-6292

Email: parkcitymusicguitars@gmail

            (rental credits / payoff requests)

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