Guitars & Amps


We love guitars! We offer electric, classical, acoustic, bass, and fractional guitars ranging from $89 - $999 in value. Our small store also carries entry level amps from 10 - 80 watts, for practice and small gigs. We support our guitar addiction by also carrying guitar accessories such as: Snark Tuners, Kyser Capos, various pic brands, cables, bags, cases, straps, and multiple string brands including Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Martin, and Elixer Strings.

Ukuleles, Banjos, & Mandolins


With just 4 strings, an affordable nature, and ease to learn, we love to carry a large inventory of Amahi, Teton, Penguin, and Kala ukulele's.  With prices ranging from $39 - $399, we have ukulele's of all kinds of styles. We've got soprano, tenor, concert, travel, waterproof, electric, and bass ukulele's, all just begging to be strummed. We also keep a few entry to intermediate level mandolins in stock, and proudly deal Recording King banjos.

Digital Pianos


With limited floor space in our store, we spent a full year shopping for a digital piano brand that could offer great pricing / value, and could also offer weighted keys to support the students and teachers of our attached music school. Look no further, the family who owns PCM personally uses Casio keyboards for their own children!

Accessories & More


  • Percussion: Drum sticks, mallets, tambourines, egg shakers, & drum heads

  • Harmonicas: We carry a wide variety of harmonicas in every key we can find.

  • Microphones: Shure SM58 - boom!

  • Orchestra: In addition to instruments, we carry mutes, stops, rosin, reeds, and Everest shoulder rests.

  • Hangers: We carry String Swing wall hangers for Ukukele, Guitar, & Violin.

Original PCM Sign from our original 1997-2001 Main Street Location

Sheet Music


We want to support music teachers by offering a 10% discount on any teaching materials. We do our best to carry various vocal, piano, orchestra and band books, including commonly used method books, such as Alfred, Suzuki, Faber, Measures for Success, Thompson, Schaum, & more.  We can also purchase (print & email) individual pieces with our online vendors.

*If you want us to stock music for your students, please let us know and we'll special order them for you. 



Monday-Friday 12:00pm-5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday by appointment

*hours may extent depending on season


Contact Info


Address: 4593 Silver Springs Dr.

                 Park City, Utah 84098

Phone: 435-649-6292

Email: parkcitymusicguitars@gmail

            (rental credits / payoff requests)

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